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White Room Reviews

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

White Room Reviews

Review published: 27th of August, 2020

Reviewer: Ralf Wedage


"This Norwegian group sees all their energy and effort paid off. "Taskaha" has become a debut album that many competing bands will envy. Progressive rock of the highest level.”

"Dit uit Noorwegen afkomstige gezelschap ziet alle energie en moeite worden uitbetaald. "Taskaha" is een debuutplaat geworden waar menig concurrerend band jaloers op zal zijn. Progressieve rock van de bovenste plank."


"The record never gets boring. Yet it can be said that the best has been saved for last. Closing track 'The Climb' is a track where the group uses exactly thirteen minutes to impress the listener, if they are not impressed already"

"Toch kan men wel stellen dat het beste voor het laatste bewaard is. Afsluiter ‘The Climb’ is een track waar de groep exact dertien minuten gebruikt om de luisteraar te imponeren, voor zover dat nog niet was gebeurd."

Read the entire review here.

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“Clearly we have two exceptional guitarists creating some cracking solos and textures. And Dream Theater only has one guitarist!”


“Taskaha-the result is a confident, assured statement of introduction”

Metal Express Radio

"Taskaha has earned their place among the hall of the Progressive Rock greats"


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