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About Us

Taskaha is a progressive rock band from Oslo, Norway, consisting of five adept musicians with experience from many different music genres. The debut album showcases their musicianship and is a mixture of styles, musical landscapes, enchanting melodies and time signatures.

Large beautiful choirs, thoughtful guitar arrangements, and a locked-in power duo on drums and bass set the foundation for their music. They are big fans of playing around with styles and details, and often add a humorous touch to parts of their music.


Rick Holmen 

Vocalist and Frontman, Poet and Lyricist

The man behind Taskaha's lead vocals and choir parts. He complements the band's varied musical styles with his versatile singing techniques. Fan of most musical styles, blues, rock, metal and not least prog, which is closest to his heart.


Simen Hanssen

One of our two guitar slingers. Uniquely himself in tone and melody.

Experienced lead and rhythm guitar player, with a special interest in creating melodic layers and atmospheres in our songs. Rooted in rock and heavy but seduced by prog and metal. Usually seen in perfect harmony with Stian’s guitars


Stian Dahl 

Our other guitar partner-in-(c)rime. Superbly proficient in both rhythm and solo mode.

Guitar and production nerd in the group. Loves to arrange the different layers in order to complement the music and the individual voices in the best possible way. 

Not afraid to dig into the dirt in order to fix anything. Prefers headless guitars and tube amps.

Other Band: Soundborne


David van Dort 

Our bassist. Masterly holding down the low end with his solid rhythm and melodies

Usually heard and felt in the lower registers, but likes to wander higher to challenge and duel with the guitars on occasion. Born to rock, but lured to the Prog side. Has a firm belief that all music has something to offer and will steal ideas from any genre! Long-time sufferer from G.A.S.


Ole Martin Svendsen

The timekeeper that doesn’t miss a beat. Experienced, technical and creative!

Secures the foundation of the songs through his groove abilities. His goal is to play what suits the music best, in any situation, form or musical style. He has a general dislike for genres, and thinks music should be viewed by the music itself, not by restraining boundaries.

Other Band: Gentle Knife

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