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T.A.R.O.T - The astounding routine of touring

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

T.A.R.O.T - The astounding routine of touring

News Story published: 15th of September, 2020

Writer: Andrea C. Soncini

Language: Italian (Europe, Italy)


“Nel risoluto corpo sonoro dei Taskaha predominano le chitarre, un bel duo in grado di scambiarsi i compiti nonché di sostenere vigorose trame, intessendo riff e insinuando soli roventi e ciononostante sapientemente delineati”


“In the resolute sound body of the Taskaha the guitars predominate, a beautiful duo able to exchange tasks and to sustain vigorous plots, weaving riffs and insinuating hot and nevertheless expertly delineated suns”


“In fatto di prog, il più alto grado di purezza è raggiunto da Friday Night, (quasi) tutto chitarre acustiche e (imprevisti) archi.”


“When it comes to prog, the highest degree of purity is achieved by Friday Night , (almost) all acoustic guitars and (unexpected) strings.”

Read the entire Story here.

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“Clearly we have two exceptional guitarists creating some cracking solos and textures. And Dream Theater only has one guitarist!”


“Taskaha-the result is a confident, assured statement of introduction”

Metal Express Radio

"Taskaha has earned their place among the hall of the Progressive Rock greats"

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